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A single typical lamp may be the ""BLB" fluorescent lamp. The tubing is made from an exceptionally deep violet-blue glass referred to as "Wood's glass". The "BLB" lamps are employed for computer graphics because of their capacity to make fluorescent objects glow really brightly.   

9V driven xenon flash - battery run circuit is designed for remote control flash requires, pdf file   

Desk two can be a checklist of the issues that have to be thought of at Every phase of a product’s existence cycle. You should utilize this to produce a immediate comparison among the impacts of various items.

Loisteputken korjausohje - the best way to fix fluorescent tubes and fluorescent lights, text in Finnish   

Analogue light controlling desk - quite simple and standard four channel lights desk with regular 0..10V Management voltage output, will work with almost all of the dimmer racks with analogue 0-10V enter   

It mainly consists of two diode/capacitor voltage multipliers and a handful of present-day limiting resistors. The most important is probably The reality that it drives the tube with DC. This design and style are not able to push neon tubes that are actually billed exclusively with neon.   

While revealed while in the figure down below driving white LED's, the load may be a DC motor or an incandescent lamp. The circuit relies on a modified Schmitt Trigger rest oscillator   

New engineering, particularly pulse start know-how, now will allow people to choose amid a wide number of lamp sorts to go well with a wide array of purposes.   

Instrument panel lamp dimmer Command - This circuit uses an MC3392 very low side protected swap and an MC1455 timing circuit to kind an automotive (12V DC) instrumentation panel lamp dimmer control. The brightness of incandescent lamps is usually assorted by Pulse Width Modulating the input on the MC3392.

Xmas LEDs - This can be a tiny fun project that is sample B2B data list easily set alongside one another. It is made of astables, frequent existing motorists and plenty of LED's --- oh and a size of ribbon cable comes in handy.

Lights Effects with 4060 Chips and LEDs - Lights create a design seem so a great deal more "alive" and "real". But static lights shortly become unexciting. A model with transforming lighting - no matter if strobes, blinkers, or perhaps slowly but surely altering patterns is more appealing.   

Xenon Flash Indicator (XFI) - This job is about Xenon flash indicator. The device consist of a high powers device and several triggging Digital in addition to a flash-tube. In the event the flash unit obtain a bring about signal it is going to mild upp really potent, just in the identical way for a digicam flash.   

This circuit documentation provides also strategy the best way to interface this circuit to USB port. The outline of this circuit is in German language.   

Xmas light-weight chaser controller - eight channel christmas light controller based upon PIC 16F84 and connected to PC serial port, controlled with Winamp plugin   

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